No More Guesswork™.

It’s time to know what is happening on site, how to increase your profit margin and customer satisfaction.

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We help you capture your data, we organize it and turn it into operational insights to help your save money, build better and faster.

Having access to high quality real time trustworthy data enables you to take an agile approach to business, operations and benefit from short term opportunities and reduce risk.

The Hypervine system is configured for construction, combining the power of distributed ledger and satellite technology, giving you an edge over the competition.

Mine. Measure. Regulate.

We help mining companies become more profitable, reduce their impact on the environment and help lower their carbon emissions.

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Our purpose-built system not only streamlines operational work, but also helps reduce reporting and compliance events, freeing up valuable time.

Having access to high quality, real-time, trustworthy data enables you to take an agile approach and respond better to events outside your control to benefit from or minimise any negative impact.

Build better with space technologies.

We work with the European Space Agency to make heavy industry better, faster and more environmentally friendly.

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Image credit: ESA

High resolution Satellite imagery enables us to analyze specific activities on the ground to help you with planning or changes in operations.

At Hypervine we are capitalising on Space technology to bring the next frontier to you. With over 600 satellites expected to be launched within 10 years there will be exponential growth in accurate and intelligent construction data. There will be No More Guesswork™.

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